Helideck & Access Systems

North Sea Offshore (NSO) is a proven and certified manufacturer of aluminum helidecks & access systems for offshore, marine and rooftop applications. We provide complete EPCI services and our systems are compliant for world-wide delivery.
Our spacious, fully equipped production facility in Yantai, China is at the current center of the global offshore and marine construction industry, lending us a competitive edge in balancing low cost production with high quality design and engineering.
Our experienced team can provide a range of fully tested, class approved and certified high quality aluminium solutions for our customer's needs. We take pride in the quality of our products and after-sales service commitment.

Commonly Used Helicopters

  • Type
  • D-Value (meters)
  • ‘t’ value
  • Landing Net size
  • Pic
  • EH101
  • 22.8
  • 14.6t
  • Large
  • Sikorsky S61N
  • 22.2
  • 9.3t
  • Large
  • Sikorsky S92A
  • 20.88
  • 12.0t
  • Large
  • EC225
  • 19.5
  • 11.0t
  • Medium
  • Super Puma AS332L2
  • 19.5
  • 9.3t
  • Medium

Rules & Regulations

Standards & Specifications: CAP 437, FAA, ICAO, EN-1999, SOLAS, Eurocode 9, Norman 27, NORSOK, NMA, API RP-2L, IMO Modu Code, etc...

Classification bodies: DNV-GL, ABS, BV, LR, RMRS, CCS, etc...

Main Features

Pre-fabricated Modular Construction: Our Helideck packages are modularly designed for easy onsite assembly, inspection, and installation. The helideck is completely bolted together so no onsite welding is necessary.

Lightweight: Our helideck system weighs approximately half that of a comparably sized steel helideck.

Maintenance Free: Our systems are designed to be a maintenance free solution, requiring only necessary inspections according to applicable regulations. No chipping paint, re-painting, grinding, expensive upkeep etc.

Fast Assembly: The modular design allows for timely assembly and installation in approx. 30 days under normal working conditions.

High Friction Surface: Our unique extruded aluminum profile with a serrated surface and cross-milling, creates an optimum friction value to ensure helideck surface complies with friction requirements without the use of a landing net.

Cost Efficient: Since our helidecks are relatively maintenance free with an estimated 30+ year life-span, it is a financially wise solution for your helideck needs. Also bear in mind the scrap value of aluminium upon termination of use.

Long lifespan: Our helideck was carefully designed with long-term service in mind. Using the right design and proper materials, our helidecks are fit for approximately 30+ years of service.

Environmentally Friendly: The aluminium helideck is 100% recyclable, and requires zero painting and grinding, thus preventing further use of time, money, and valuable resources.

  • Outfitting & Packages



    Northsafe Passive Fire-fighting System

    HMS System

    Lifesaving appliance

    Landing net

    Heat Tracing/Winterization System

    Piping for drainage and fire-fighting

    Platform and access way

    Marking/painting according to rules

    Installation and commissioning supervision

    Assistance of authority approval

    Truss System/Helideck Support Structure (Steel or Aluminium)

  • Our Certification

    Fire Test

    Friction Value

    Heat Tracing/Winterization

    NortHSafe System

    Tie down & Deck Load Test

    Welding Procedure Specification

    Structure & Frame

    Testing & Inspection

  • Access Systems

    Flexible aluminium access systems, customizable for the solutions you seek.





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