CIMC Raffles has delivered ‘Bluewhale I’ semi-submersible drilling platform

28 February 2017

- CIMC Raffles has delivered ‘Bluewhale I’, the world’s largest oil exploration offshore platform in the world.

- For the accommodation package, NSO provided engineering, procurement, construction and installation (EPCI) services for all 106 cabins and all public areas. This was a joint effort between STACO Korea and NSO.

- Bluewhale II, which is scheduled for delivery Q3-2017 shares the same scope of work and supply for the accommodation spaces.

| “NSO has worked closely with CIMC Raffles over the years and as a result we have managed to successfully work through the challenging market that everyone faces in this industry. Delivering ‘Bluewhale I’ was a major milestone for all involved parties and we look forward to delivering ‘Bluewhale II’ in 2017 and of course working together with CIMC Raffles on future projects.” – NSO Marketing dept.

(photo credit to CIMC Raffles)

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