NSO rolls out new cost-efficient high friction helideck surface

11 April 2017

- NSO is now supplying a bare aluminium helideck with +.65mu friction value, thus avoiding necessity for landing net, micro-texture finish, and expensive tests.

- .65mu is the minimum friction value requirement for “moving helidecks” according to CAP 437 (2016) in order to avoid using a landing net or micro-texture finish.

- This newly developed surface has undergone testing from the Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR), and discussed with the Helideck Certification Agency (HCA).

| “At NSO we are inspired by our client’s demands to provide new and cost efficient solutions to best complement the ever changing and demanding market situation. Regardless of our position in the market, we need to develop new technologies and methods to enhance our cost effectiveness and increase overall product value.” – NSO R&D dept.


1. No landing net

2. No onsite friction test

3. No micro-texture finish

4. Save time, reduce cost, no re-painting

|”This is not only a significant milestone for NSO, but for the aluminium helideck market in general. We look forward to witnessing the application of this cost-efficient and common sense solution in the offshore and marine market.” -HCA


(photo credit to NLR)

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